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gerund or present participle: vending

1.             offer (small items) for sale, either from a stall or from a slot machine."there was a man vending sticky cakes and ices"


?           FORMALLAW

sell (something)."the company makes and vends environmentally friendly beauty products"


Vending India was founded in 2017 with the single-minded aim of selling genuine branded products across categories online, and delivering a quality end-to-end solution by staying focused on all the steps from order handling efficiency to overall customer satisfaction. The online sales space, more pertinently now than ever before, presents tremendous potential, one that is unmatched by any other channel. And yet, we realised, that in spite of such huge potential, there were few players in the space operating honestly and sincerely. Either orders were delayed, incorrectly dispatched, expired or didn’t arrive in at their destinations in a suitable condition. And the agony, both for the producers/importers at one end and the final consumer at the other, continued to persist.

And this gap is what led us to realise that there was a dire need for an efficiently-managed platform that allows people to showcase their produce to the best of their capacity to a large receptive audience who too would appreciate having a single-space to browse quality products with the assurance of what you see online is exactly what gets delivered to you. From keeping a strict check on pricing to other quality checks such as expiry dates and packaging, our in-house multi-step algorithm ensures that every order receives the same amount of attention without any delays. The only thing costlier than acquiring a new client is losing an existing one and we at Vending India have always prioritised customer satisfaction at either end of our business.


And our sales and growth figures bear testimony to how we have nurtured our relationships and just how steady they are: in spite of being a relatively small organisation, we have grown exponentially since inception. Having successfully fulfilled over 350,000 orders (as of October 2020), we boast an envious 96% positive customer rating on amazon.in. Our size allows us to be nimble in an ever-changing market, adapting to and staying ahead of the curve.